Our Ice Cream

Since 2002, Moorenko’s has crafted the Washington, DC area’s finest small-batch, ultra-premium ice cream. We make our ice cream by hand, the old-fashioned way, with high quality, natural ingredients. Ultra-premium ice cream is just that — the best of the best, made with the highest percentage of milkfat, less sugar, and less air. The result is a rich, dense, creamy dessert that is wholly satisfying. Not many ice cream companies can call their products ultra-premium, and Moorenko’s is proud to be one of them. You can try it for yourself in our shop, in many of DC’s top restaurants, and at an ever growing number of grocery stores across the country.

“We wanted to create an ice cream that would make people fall in love. My favorite thing is watching people taste our ice cream for the first time—when they stop whatever they’re doing to savor the experience.”

— Susan Soorenko, Founder