Our Story

Our vision. The vision behind Moorenko’s Ice Cream is simple: find the best ingredients, make something fabulous.  And then we keep it simple.  We start with the highest quality dairy available, add some fresh fruit, some nutritious nuts, some crazy outstanding chocolate, a little magic, et voilà!  Happiness in a  bowl.  We make it simple enough to evoke a treasured memory and unique enough to make you say, “hey, you gonna finish that?”

Our ingredients. Our dairy comes from small, family-owned farms local to our kitchen in Silver Spring, Maryland.  No rBST or injected antibiotics are used to increase milk production, and the cows are browsed.  Our ice cream is 17% milkfat (Ultra-premium) with a rich custard base, therefore lower in overall sugars, and low overrun so you get more ice cream and less air. We use only the finest fruits, nuts, chocolate and cocoa, coffee, vanilla… and we treat them with the utmost respect!  Not too many of them in any one flavor so they each get their moment to shine!

Our process. Small batches, carefully monitored: like a helicopter parent, we hover over every batch, tweaking, tasting, encouraging each ice cream to do something wonderful with its life.  No vats, no pipes, no conveyer belts.  We are very hands on!

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