What is a Moorenko?

As with most great foundation stories Moorenko’s began on vacation.  In 2001, Susan Soorenko and her sons, Matthew and Ethan, were vacationing when they were introduced to a small, local ice cream company.  It was their first taste of a small-batch, hand-crafted ice cream.  It was a very tasty experience, indeed.


Before vacation was over, Matthew and Ethan asked Susan if they could “get this ice cream back home.”  This is where the story diverges – the boys swear they meant “Mom, we have to figure out how to bring a few quarts of this stuff back with us,” while Susan swears that they said “Mom, you need to start an ice cream company and make this!”


One thing lead to another, and Susan found herself studying at Ice Cream University.  She learned her way around a batch freezer, through the ins and outs of overrun, milkfat percentages, and sorbet bases, and came back to her home in McLean, VA chomping at the bit.  She began the process of writing her business plan and seeking loans, and most importantly, finding a name for her fledgling business.


She spent weeks batting around name ideas consulting with her sons, her friends, clairvoyants at the mall – essentially anyone who would listen.  The trademark lawyers were on speed dial and the phrase “what’s the new name now, Susan?” was a daily utterance in their office.


“How about ‘The Cow’?” She asked.

They said that one was taken.

“The Dairy Cow? The Cow’s Cone? Cow Pies?”

“Taken.  Taken.  And gross!”


To be perfectly overly dramatic, it was soul crushing.  But it was over dinner with Susan’s brother and his family where inspiration struck.  At that dinner, Erin, Susan’s then 9-year-old niece, spoke up: “You should name it after us and call it Mooooorenko’s.” An awe-inspired silence came over the table.  A speed dial call to the lawyers, and Moorenko’s Ice Cream was born.


The rest, as they say, is history.

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